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Who are we ? our history spans over 35 year's professional dog training and dog behaviour work and over 20 year's delivering the highest quality training programs.

Our instructors are some of the most accredited trainer's in the world and our examiners have various degree's in teaching and are highly sought after in the UK for marking A level exam course work. 

We work with various organisations throughout the world and have put together what we feel is the most original and comprehensive dog trainer, dog training instructor and dog behaviourist course's that's currently available anywhere in the world.

Some of our instructor's are UK KC accredited instructor's among other accolades, others have been involved in various dog training disciplines all their lives, some have come from a service background, we work with some of the very best trainers & examiners from around the world.

Please do not confuse our accreditation courses with other courses that plagiarize what is all over the internet and have little knowledgeable content or originality. Our courses are designed by some of the very best instructors, dog trainers and behaviourists who have gained the very highest level of accreditation and also the highest level of practical experience from around the world.

IADTB ensure our students are some of the very best skilled and knowledgeable dog trainers and dog training instructors anywhere in the world, so we ensure our content is original which creates trainers and instructors that can demonstrate a very high level of theory knowledge and dog training skills with all breeds.

This is why successful IADTB Level 3 Dog Training Instructors can use the letters IADTBI after their name.

We are progressive in the way we teach and deliver our course's and that include's our unique online virtual learning platform where the student's can interact with their IADTB instructors & examiners like they would in a real class environment, upload their completed units for marking and download information relevant to their course.

We have various programs that we use to prevent plagiarism to ensure our students course content is as original as can be, we want our students to have as much originality as possible we want them to be "Masters of their own techniques not someone else"

We look forward to sending you our prospectus and welcome you to the International Academy For Dog Trainers & Behaviourists