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International Academy For Dog Trainers And Behaviourists

IADTB Level 3 Dog Training Instructor. (Diploma)

* 3 Day Practical,

There is also many self directed, on line web based support and formal hours to complete with this course.

Course fee.

For a full course prospectus contact [email protected]

All courses involve a degree of online theory work as well as hand's on practical training with a final assessment at our training centre, dog's will be provided for you to work with and for final assessment.

The IADTB online learning platform includes suggested templates for note taking, recording you're learning and activities and the keeping of an effective portfolio. Students may wish to print and complete these to keep in a physical A4 ring binder or may choose to do so in an electronic format. Either is acceptable.

  • By the course end you will know:
  • How To Put Together Professional Consultations.
  • BARC
  • Temperament Assessment.
  • Report Writing and presentation.
  • How to implement VARK to your training program for assistants and trainers.
  • Creating Video (Training/Assessment's/Promotion).
  • Building Your Business through referral and networking.
  • Role of the Dog Trainer vs Instructor.
  • Record Keeping (Accident's/Injuries/Clients).
  • Understanding how to advise client's on which breed to choose (Lifestyle vs Reality)
  • Training Technique's (Trainer vs Instructor)
  • Associative Learning (Dog & Human).
  • And much much more such as
  • The difference between how dogs learn through positive reinforcement & negative punishment, and how dogs behave through positive punishment and negative reinforcement.
  • How to motivate the trainer & the dog.
  • Have a better understanding of both dog training and dog psychology and the various traits of the different breeds.
  • Have researched the latest papers on dog training and dog psychology and learn to articulate this information to your trainers and students.
  • Have a good grasp on the importance of the role of the handler/owner, how human moods can effect our training sessions.
  • Be able to distinguish key body language of the dog and how to react, how hand gestures and body language has an effect on the dog.
  • By the end of the IADTB Level 3 Dog Training Instructor course you will be able to organise large classes as well as learn how to structure the class to utilise your trainer's and assistant's into the various key stages of your training program.
  • Understand how to motivate the student and assistant trainer.
  • Do specific breeds need specific training or does one training method suit a particular breed over another.
  • How do human's learn and how doe's this relate to you the instructor training the student.
  • Understand the law, your responsibilities, the management of health and safety, insurance, how to keep injury records, codes of conduct etc etc.
  • Handler vs Trainer vs Instructor what are the differences.
  • Display and demonstrate a proper consultation and how to set out a training program
  • (Utilize the assistant), learn how to evaluate the human as well as the dog.
  • Take BARC Behaviour & Reactivity Checklists and use these in your assessments.
  • Understanding the various drives dog's display and how to use them to motivate and train the dog.
  • Include Health & Safety (Write risk assessments)
  • How to help clients that have physical and mental disabilities.
  • Understand, Utilise and Implement VARK in your delivery of training.
  • Classical Conditioning and Operant Conditioning
  • Understanding the Four Quadrants of Operant Conditioning

And much much more.

Everything you require is included in the course fee, all course dog's are provided.

Refreshments are provided throughout your course (Practical Day's).

Our courses are currently going through the CPD accreditation process so you can be confident in knowing our courses will count towards your further studies and have been scrutinised to the highest level.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements.

International Academy For Dog Trainers And Behaviourists