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      International Academy For Dog Trainers And Behaviourists

We will keep all our students updated through our unique online virtual learning platform for the relevant courses.

Each student will be given a unique access code they enter to able to join the online class, access documents and submit their completed coursework through our online learning platform.

Organising your own learning is an essential part of progressing through the units and completing the unit tests. Resources and support are provided via the IADTB online virtual learning platform and you will be assigned a unique access code to access your own unique personal area.

Our instructor's and examiners have degrees in various teaching subjects so you are safe in the knowledge you are in safe competent hand's.

You will be able to interact and discuss any questions you have with your IADTB Instructors and examiners, be confident in the knowledge you are being guided throughout the learning process.

No other dog training service provider offers this unique experience, we are proud to be at the forefront of this type of dog trainer accreditation.